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bulletWelcome to PotterySinks.com!

My name is Raymond Serrano and I have a studio in Seattle, Washington. The Pottery Sinks website is set up for you to see past and current designs, which you may choose from or use to help in designing a new pottery sink.  If You would like me to make a sink for you please get in touch with me through this website by sending me an E-mail - just press the button above.

bulletHow to use this Website

This Website was created primarily to allow me to share pictures of some of my pieces with you.  As you can see by the buttons on the top, you can look at my photo albums (which contain information as well as pictures) or send me E-mail. 

Once you enter a Photo Album, you will be presented with a page of "thumbnail" pictures of my pieces. By clicking on a thumbnail you can find information about that particular piece and get a full size representation. Sometimes these full images can be large, so be patient while the electrons get to your computer.

So what are you waiting for - just press the Photo Albums button above and enjoy my work.


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